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Couples Marriage and Relationships


The average couple waits six years before seeking help with an unhappy or problematic  relationship. That is a long time to suffer in the most important significant relationship in your life.  Marital problems can progress, and if left unattended, may devolve into on-going conflict or a gradual drift apart.


You may love your spouse a great deal, but be very unhappy with  the relationship. Unresolved conflict overtime builds resentment. Your happiness and that of your spouse, is too important to live in a distressed relationship. 


Everyone who is married experiences difficulties along the way, but for some these troubles reach the point that partners become profoundly disappointed and upset about their marriages and may even come to question whether they want to continue to remain married. As you may have found, it can be difficult to pinpoint the problem and make the changes on your own. 


Whether your arguments center on parenting disagreements, money issues, trust, in-laws or on-going day-to-day differences, solutions are possible. With new information and approaches to couple counselling, even if you have tried couple counselling in the past and it wasn’t successful, you may want to try again.


There are no guarantees, but most couples are able to improve their relationships with appropriate counselling, and effort .


See the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information. 

“Meeting with Susan is like talking to a wise, and knowledgeable confidante. She creates a comfortable, relaxing environment and instills confidence due to her breadth of experience and expertise.  I highly recommend her.”


EH, colleague

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