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Infertility and Pregnancy Loss Support


Trying to have a baby and not being successful brings enormous stress, heartache and disappointment. One out of six Canadian couples experiences some type of problem conceiving or maintaining a  pregnancy.


A couple with these difficulties  can experience any or all of the following
  • A deep sense of loss, grief, emotional distress and sometimes depression

  • Anger

  • A sense of isolation and aloneness

  • misunderstanding and a lack of empathy from others

  • Resentment of the lack of understanding from family and friends

  • Difficulty expressing feelings to their partner

  • Disconnection from their partner

  • Anxious that their partner may want to end the relationship and find another partner

  • A denial of their own feelings

  • Depressive type symptoms

  • Worry about burdening their partner

  • Fear they are resented by their partner for having an infertility problem

  • Resentment toward their partner for not understanding their feelings

  • Resentment toward their partner for having an infertility problem



Often there is no outlet or appropriate support and understanding from family and friends others for the emotional distress.  Close ones as well as acquaintances may unwittingly say and do things that are hurtful, or dismissive. 


If you are experiencing fertility problems, infertility or have experienced pregnancy loss, even if you are eventually successful having a child in the future, the enormous distress and loss, you are experiencing now is understandable and valid.  Common feelings often involve intense sadness, grief, anger, feelings of betrayal of the body, injustice and guilt. These feelings need to be  acknowledged, validated and understood or they can linger for years.


There are often important decisions to be made about how to proceed and sometimes how long to continue treatment. Sometimes donor or surrogacy issues arise. Communication, mutual understanding and support is critical, and often a couple needs assistance negotiating these complex issues.


A counsellor that has expertise and sensitivity to the special dynamics involved with fertility and pregnancy loss problems is able to be most helpful.

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