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Family and Parent Counselling

Today parents are faced with greater challenges than ever. Being a parent can be the most difficult job you have, and family issues can be some of the most challenging you face. Enjoying your family and helping your children be the best they can may be your deepest value and hope. Connecting with adolescents can be particularly challenging.


Managing busy family life can be difficult enough but you may also be dealing with complex situations such as ex-spouses and step-parenting which can add to frustrations and conflict.  When family problems exist the couple relationship can become stressed which can make problems worse. Having an experienced objective third-party to consult with can be helpful.


There is no shortage of advice for parents, but every family is unique. Seek a psychologist who has respect for the first hand knowledge and expertise you have about your family, and works as a collaborative resource with  you.


Common parenting challenges:


  • resolving differences in parenting approach

  • step-parenting and blended family issues

  • making sense of adolescent behavior

  • manage acting-out behavior and/or substance abuse

  • regaining authority as a parent

  • helping young people to stay connected with family

  • managing children’s use of technology

  • handling home-work and school-related issues

  • resolving sibling issues

  • being an effective co-parent after separation or divorce


Consulting with an objective professional can be a great way to fine tune your parenting practices to be in-line with your goals and hopes for your family.  

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