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Individual Counselling

Anxiety, Depression, Stress: Getting Your Life Back


Life can sometimes become unmanageable and overwhelming.  This is surely not  what you want but it can be hard to know what or how to change.  You may be experiencing stress, emotional pain, or unpredictable moods or behaviors. Maybe you have recently experienced a major loss or other critical life event.  Sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be enough energy to make decisions or take action at all.


You may not have enough support, and may feel judged and misunderstood by those closest to you. These stressors may be making it very hard for you to function as you would like to at work or in your family or social life. It can take a toll on relationships. The true causes of depressed feelings, anxiety and stress may surprise you!


 We are fortunate to have new knowledge and brain research that is pointing the way to effective strategies that work better than ever for these types of mood and thought problems. Psychology is developing new approaches for helping people change brain patterns and uplift anxious and depressive thoughts and feelings to ones of calm and well-being. 

Get your brain working for not against you, so you are better able to resolve:
  • life stress

  • deep sadness

  • anger or irritability

  • anxiety and worry

  • lack of concentration

  • loss of energy and motivation

  • feeling hopeless

  • relationship breakdown

  • impulsive decisions

  • obsessions and compulsions

  • eating disorders

  • problems sleeping

And achieve:
  • improved mood and well-being

  • improved sleep

  • peace of mind

  • better problem-solving

  • greater calm and relaxation

  • increased motivation

  • energy and focus

  • heightened self-confidence and self-esteem

  • improvements in relationships

  • more control over your life

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