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Susan Leslie R. Psych

Couples Marriage and Relationship Counselling


Hello and welcome! I have a keen interest in helping people find the most fulfillment and happiness in their life and relationships. I work with you to resolve the obstacles to that. I am particularly inspired by meeting  people in the counselling setting and enjoy working with anyone seeking change in their emotional lives and relationships. I have studied and worked with people regarding their emotional and mental health and the effect relationships have on that for over twenty years.


The day-to-day interactions and the quality of the relationships we have with those we care about has a huge impact on our happiness and general well-being and it is a privilege for me to be able to be a part of the positive changes for those I work with. 


Effective therapy is practical, client driven and emotionally meaningful. It is important to me to use the most relevant and pertinent information in my work. I  am guided by the current research in brain science, and relationship psychology. I have an interest in mindfulness approaches that blend the wisdom of the east and west, and also recent advances for reducing anxiety, managing stress and improving mood.


I appreciate the uniqueness and specialness of each individual, couple and family as well as the shared universal human experiences. Please feel free to browse my More Info section for answers to questions you may have. 




Master of Education  University of Calgary

Counselling Psychology  2001


Registered Psychologist 2004



Psychologists Association of Alberta


College of Alberta Psychologists


Canada Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology



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