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Susan Leslie  

Registered Psychologist

Couples Marriage and Relationship Counselling

  •   Quality counselling support         

  •   Collaboratively resolving Issues

  •   Practical solutions that work

Have you ever found yourself caught up in emotional reactions, behaviors,  or relationship patterns that don’t support you or the outcomes you want? Do you ever wish there was a way to interrupt this - change it, stop it - a solution that would allow your true hopes and intentions to be realized?


If you are among the many people caught up in frustrating replays - wanting to experience something different, an essential change, you can take that step now.  New brain science is on your side! There is increasing evidence that the mind can and does make remarkable changes - with the right approach.

" Susan's ability to put you completely at ease, allows you to freely express what is in your heart. Her compassion and depth of listening creates a space to articulate concerns, unlocking the problems inside and allowing answers to emerge. Whatever your personal or relationship problem is, meeting with Susan will help you take a big step forward ”.


-Maureen Dixon, Retired Principal

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